Beginning Copperplate Materials

1. Copperplate oblique pen holder – Speedball (left handers may want a plain round ferrule holder).

2. Set of pointed nibs.


  • Gillot 404, 303, 1068
  • Brause 66EF & Steno nib
  • Hiro 40, 41
    (set of six of these nibs will do).
  • Optional Mitchell nib with the elbow on the nib, Hunt 56

3. Black Ink – Higgins Eternal

  • Optional: Pearlescent inks
  • Optional: for colored ink: Pelikan 4001 red ink & power gum arabic.

4. Gum Arabic – You may want to share this with someone in the class. They come in a large bottle and you need only about half that much.

5. 2 Eye dropper bottles – I put my ink in one and the gum arabic in the other. The droppers are much ore convenient than the bottle.

6. Cotton Comp layout paper 9 x 12 inches.

7. Ink well or Small sponge to put ink well into

8. Rag to wipe your nib.

9. Ruler C – Thru 18 inch ruler.

10. Masking tape.

11. 2 H pencil and sharpener (pointer) and white plastic eraser (Staedtler Mars).

For Intermediate Students:

  • Gouache; one color, zinc white, jet black. Chisel edged bristle brush such as Grumbacher Eterna #2. Plastic Palette, water jar, water dropper.
  • Some good papers, such as Arches 90 # hot press, Arches text wove, Arches text laid, German Ingres, Canson Ingres, Canson Mi Teintes, Strathmore charcoal, Pergamanata.
  • A T-square and drafting 2 H pencil with sharpener (pointer)
  • A pair of dividers for lining

For reproduction

12. Sakura Micro pigma pen .005

13. Non-repro blue ball point pen or felt tip fine tip market.

14. Non-repro blue grid paper. There is also copperplate pads with the slant lines already printed.

15. Adhesive wax stick for paste up.

16. Pro-White or bleed proof white and a small paint brush like #00 pointed watercolor brush.

17. X-acto knife with #11 blade and #16 or #10 blade.