April 16, 2012 – Pointed Pen Fraktur Class #2 at Sinai Temple

DeAnn worked individually with students. She demonstrated an alternate serif that she prefers instead of the angled look at the ascender.

Warm-up:  practice the basic strokes twice. Then practice the lowercase letters.

DeAnn’s preferred serif:  write a line at the ascender; then press and pull down on the right end.

Spacing for pointed pen Fraktur should be picket fence spacing. This means the whitespaces of the strokes should be the same so that your letters have picket fence spacing, very even and regular. Whitespace is the space inside and between the letters. In picket fence spacing, the volume inside the letter and in-between the letters should match (think of the space as water).

Homework:  Practice the spacing words. Then practice text. Next week: capitals.