Dear Arrighi Column on Envelopes

Dear Readers,

These are some observations on suggested procedures:

1. Have your client supply a typed copy of the list. This list must read exactly as they want it on the envelopes, (Boulevard, or Blvd., California or CA, etc.) Make sure your client keeps a list so you can discuss things over the phone, looking at the same list.

2. Have your client supplied 10% extra envelopes for mistakes, theirs or yours? Mistakes will be made and you don’t need the pressure of no extras hanging over you.

3. Most people give time frames such as, “I can promise to do 30 – 75 a day,” (taking into consideration your other obligations). This will give you an idea of how much time you’ll need to get the list and envelopes before they need to mail them out.

Addressing envelopes is bread and butter work for most of us. It makes life easier and more pleasurable if you can establish some prices and working procedures ahead of time so it’s worth your time and effort.