February 28, 2011 – Beverly Hills Adult School Uncial Class #6

Beverly Hills Adult School Uncial Class #6:  Today DeAnn showed us how to carve a rubber stamp from an eraser and has us carve an acanthus leaf stamp.

Materials used:  white eraser (e.g. Mars Staedtler), Speedball Linoleum Cutting blades 1 & 6 (DeAnn had these for us to borrow). Also a sharp pencil, tracing paper, and stamp pad.

Find a sample from an illuminated manuscript page that you want to use. Photocopy it to make it larger if needed.

Trace a leaf or group of leaves onto tracing paper with a very sharp pencil.

Place the tracing paper pencil-side down on the eraser; find a piece big enough for your drawing but with as little blank space surrounding the drawing as possible.

Rub the tracing paper with your finger or some smooth object to transfer the drawing to the rubber.

If the image transferred onto the eraser is too light, go over the lines with a sharp pencil to darken.

Start with the larger cutting blade to cut excess rubber from the edges. Switch to the smaller blade for detailed areas.

Stamp your eraser with the stamp pad to see how the image is; continue shaving off raised areas until you’re satisfied.

Now you have a stamp to create leaves quickly as decorative elements on your illuminated manuscript project. These can be painted with gouache.

DeAnn demonstrated painting the leaves with gouache.

If you run out of time to finish gilding your decorative letter, you can paint it with gold gouache. A set she found recently has bright gold colors, Finetec Mica Artist Color Set.

Meanwhile students continued working on their illuminated manuscript projects.

Trini’s inspiring work-in-progress

Judith’s creative work-in-progress

DeAnn worked with individual students and reviewed troublesome letters.

For the Y, think martini glass. Note the spacing on “AZE”.

    H and M – start the curved strokes within the stem stroke for a smooth transition.