Fire Devastation!!!!

My son’s family barely escaped with their lives when a quick moving electrical fire burned their rental house to the ground. My son, Donavan,  his wife Jennifer, their sons, Nathan (8) and Mason (4) ran through the back door to escape the flames. They are all safe but everything they own including both cars were destroyed. Their cousin, Kapeela and Jose Diaz have taken them into their home for now and have been helping them sift through the rubble for anything that can be salvaged. We are so grateful that they are safe. Both Donavan and Jennifer are life-long soldiers and just moved to Honolulu in January for a change of orders. Donavan has served for 18 years and deployed twice to Iraq and scheduled to go to Afghanistan, Jennifer deployed once to Iraq attached to a MASH unit. Because they’ve only just moved into this house they hadn’t purchased renters insurance yet, so the contents of the house are not covered. This is where my daughter, Hailey, and I have decided to mount a fundraiser to help them out. If you feel inclined to give them a hand it would be very appreciated! Even a small amount would help.

April 20, 2013 We have raised a wonderful amount of money for the kids, and we’d like to thank you all for your generous contributions!!!!! 1000 Thanks!

From Hawaii News Now:

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