Illumination and Calligraphy

Illumination and calligraphy
This fall beginning in September I will be having a few classes that include Illumination and gilding. We will work toward a finished 8.5″x 11″ manuscript page.  Some of my students over the years have completed a manuscript page for each style of calligraphy that they’ve learned, even pointed pen! We did a very modern application for that one. These pages are all the same size so can fit into a portfolio to present your work in its best form. Most of us think of  calligraphy as it was presented in the manuscripts of old, so this is a way to learn the history as well as the practical techniques of gilding and page decoration. I think when you have a goal to work toward you tend to do your homework and practice better.
Sinai Temple will do Uncial. The ancient form come to us from the Greeks. Everyone loves the “chunky, round” forms. I have a template all ready to use to create the manuscript as soon as we have learned the letterform.
The Wednesday night class has just completed a manuscript page with Rotunda, from the Italian gothic period. This class will be ready to start another letterform with more gilding and decoration techniques. Come join us. Class begins Sept. 23, 2015