Journaling Class

We’ve been journaling this semester. What fun! We started at Eileen’s house and moved to LACMA. The students went where ever they wanted around the museum and we talked about the drawings and ways to improve their work.

Eileen’s house


Next, Satomi’s house. We did 5 minute contour drawings and 5 minute painting of antique art supplies. These turned out fantastic. Lunch was “asian.”

At Satomi’s


Contour drawing


Then we went to Linnea’s place way up in Topanga. The cool things to draw at her house were fun but we were tackling perspective. As we’ve noticed, perspective is everything in drawing. It’s definitely something we all need to work on. It’s the thing I have the most trouble with. Lunch was “fiesta.”

Linnea’s house


Following, we drew at Val’s house. She has wonderful eclectic artwork and a peaceful garden with a water fountain.  Of course we have lunch wherever we go, this day was “picnic.”

Our last class found us at the wonderful Angelus Rosedale cemetery. I’ve driven past it a few times and think it’s cool because it’s very old and very crowded with every kind of monument you can imagine. Including at least 4 pyramids, many obelisks, Irish crosses, etc. we had a great time drawing and painting in Los Angeles oldest cemetery. It’s the first one that allowed anyone regardless of race or religion. Other than the fact that they can’t get enough water to keep the grass green, it was really beautiful, in a creepy way. I loved it. Then we all met at Langers Deli on Alvarado and 7th. Awesome! How lucky am I to have students willing to do this with me.


My view





Caroline, Judith, Marjorie

Soldier section. I saw Spanish American War!




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