New Opportunities and Classes

I have a couple of opportunities to share with my friends.

I am hiring a few people to work as part time calligraphers for the County of Los Angeles. I am the contractor to train and provide artists for a few months as As-Needed calligraphers. There is a full time calligrapher job now posted and I can also help anyone who is interested in that job to train and send you for part time work to see if you’re suited for that position. Please contact me if you are interested in this job. You would work once or twice per week or every other week. You need to have a little knowledge of Quark Express and have sufficient italic and roman lettering skills and be able to decorate with flowers and other decorative elements. You have to work fast but efficiently. You must have skill with gouache and gold gouache.  E-mail:

The next opportunity is an exhibit that will be in New York City featuring my calligraphy. I would like to invite some of my calligraphy friends to produce artwork for this event. I will be teaching workshops and hosting art events during the run. We are coming up with the theme and title of this exhibit. At present, I am thinking that I would like to give some of you some words and quotes to use for both paper and canvas broadsides, as well as books etc. Maybe some collaborative pieces where one person does the art and callig and someone else does the book binding. The theme will be along the lines of Spiritual Journeys. Not necessarily religious spirituality but your quest to be your best and progress as far as possible in this life and beyond. There are billions of ways to this progress, as demonstrated by the billions of lives that have lived, and the progress from one generation to the next. I have quotes from people who are not artists that I’d like to assign to my calligraphy friends. There is room for quite a few pieces, both large and small. Contact me if you are interested in joining me with this project:


Even though my ankle is still broken but hopefully mending well, I wanted to say that 2 more class opportunities have opened up.

I’ll be teaching for RAND in Santa Monica on Thursday evenings 5:30-7:30pm starting Jan. 16th for 8 weeks. We will be doing the beautiful style of Uncial. Beginning through intermediate. $96 Contact Shirley Cromb if you are interested ( or Marian Oshiro  (

OTIS starting February 4 on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-9:30pm, Spencerian (4 weeks) $99, March 4 (4 weeks) Italic (separate class). Otis is located in Westchester. See for registration, $99.

See my Classes page for more details.