November 10, 2014 – Pointed Pen Styles Class #3 at Sinai Temple

DeAnn reviewed the Spencerian capital letters, then demonstrated writing words with an initial capital by having the students write along with her. The handouts were 2 more Spencerian guildelines, one with an x-height of 1/8-inch in a vertical format and a ratio of 2:1:2, and another with an x-height of 3/32-inch in the usual horizontal format.

For warmup, we wrote the capital letters.

Then DeAnn had a write-along with the students. We would write along with her as she demonstrated a word in alphabetical order. The words the afternoon class wrote are:  America, Business, Cupcake, Dessert, Eggsalad, Fuscia, Ginger, Heather, Iris, Jack, Kathy, Little, Mother, Neil, Oliver, Puppies, Queen, Rose, Singing, Tinsman, Ursula, Vera, Winter, Xena, Young, Zebra.

For those with experience writing Copperplate, the differences between Copperplate and Spencerian:
The curves are more round in Copperplate, more angular in Spencerian.
The upstrokes and downstrokes are parallel in Copperplate. In Spencerian, the upstrokes are more slanted than the slant guidelines and the downstrokes are parallel to the slant guidelines.

HOMEWORK:  Write text, such as a poem or song lyrics, on the vertical format guideline with the x-height of 1/8-inch. Go down to the 3/32-inch x-height guidelines.