November 21, 2011 – Pointed Pen Variations Class #7 at Sinai Temple

(more photos to come)
Today DeAnn talked about flourishing. The handouts were 2 sheets that Satomi Wada made for us on flourishing.

Flourishing handout #1 by Satomi Wada

Flourishing handout #2 by Satomi Wada

DeAnn also had us practice until we were “in the zone.” Then later, she had several students write while others observed them.

Class Gallery

Homework by Satomi:

The ink is Permanent White Gouache on red paper

Homework by Sabina:

The ink is white pearlescent.

Sabina drew the baselines free-hand, then measured the waistlines.

Homework by Judith:

Great sampler idea from Brianna:  Brianna wrote detailed notes on each of the nibs she tried on the different papers.

See detailed notes of her observations for each nib.

Flourishing: the three elements of flourishing are circle, oval, and figure 8.

Downstrokes with no pressure.

No pressure – pressure – no pressure strokes:  A fun exercise is to draw a square or rectangle in pencil, then fill it in with these strokes close together, alternating where the pressure areas are, to make a pattern.

Figure 8:  in your mind, extend the lines to complete the figure 8 shape. Don’t let the ends point off into space.

Spirals:  made from ovals. Practice getting them even. Horizontal, clockwise and counter-clockwise. Vertical, clockwise and counterclockwise. No overlap and overlapping.

Direction change:  small loop and full stop.

Draw a diamond shape lightly in pencil to fill in with the figure 8s to help you keep control of the size.

HOMEWORK:  Practice the flourishes from Satomi’s handout. Practice writing out your poem and adding some flourishes.  Next week is the final class.