November 28, 2011 – Pointed Pen Variations Last Class (#8) at Sinai Temple

(note: photos to come)
Today DeAnn talked about flourishing letters.

Homework observations:  the “o” loops at the side, not at the top. The “a” doesn’t touch at the stem. End a letter low to make a good transition to the next letter. Really look at the letter forms on the exemplar.

Great idea from Caroline:  once you have written out your project poem “plainly” (i.e. without flourishes) and have a finished piece, copy it several times. Then experiment with flourishing and decorations on the copies until you’re satisfied. Create your final flourished piece using your sample.


Homework by Sabina:

Review:  the three elements of flourishing are circle, oval, and figure 8.

Key word to remember: BIG
Leave off small flourishes altogether.
If the nib is very sharp, it’s harder to do flourishing.

DeAnn’s advice:  Flourish your heart out; then when it seems ridiculous, scale back.
Mix it up – don’t use the same flourish each time for a letter. See what the context is.
Finish every stroke:  does it pull your eye back into the letter? Don’t let it flop outward and send your eye into space.

You can cross strokes over during flourishing, but 2 thick strokes can’t cross (it creates a dark spot).
Thin + thin = OK
Thick + thin = OK
Thick + thick = NO

Think about the readability of the purpose; e.g. an address on an envelope vs. a wedding invitation.