Signed . . .Aging & Yellowing Fast

Dear Arrighi,

I was going to use some photographs and newspaper clippings in a collage that I am working on. I realize that the newspaper is high in acid & will yellow & damage the paper surrounding it.

Is there some way to take the acid out of the paper and include it in an orginal piece safely?

Aging & Yellowing Fast

Dear Aging & Yellow Fast,

If at all possible copy the newspaper article onto acid free paper. Many brands of recycled copy paper is acid free. Other emphemera can be color copied and included in your artwork. If you want to include the original such as tickets to events, report cards, children’s artwork, etc. there is a product that is a spray neutralizer. This spray coats the paper and neutralizes acide levels. Then it’s a good idea to use buffered paper under and surrounding the treated paper. Buffered paper has calcium carbonate added to it which absorbs migrating acid. An aerosol can of acid neutralizer is approximately $29.