Signed. . . Double boiled & moldy

Dear Arrighi,

I would like to use wheat paste for different projects that I am working on but it is such a hassle to cook it up when I need just a little. Is there a substitute for wheat paste that is more


Double boiled & moldy

Dear Abecedarian,

I was introduced to a wheat paste when I was investigating the Yes Paste controversy. It is called Zen Paste. It has been in Light Impressions catalog for some time but I have found the maker of Zen Paste is is my own neighborhood. SFC member, Wallace Dawes, referred me to Sidney Pink of Archival Products, Los Angeles. and Tri-Art Consevation Framing, in West Los Angeles. Sid has developed some products including Zen Paste which is a wheat paste with a shelf life of at least six montys if refrigerated. It is just the thing when you need a small amount and don’t want to mix up a pot of traditional wheat paste. It is archival. There is also Zen Crystals which is a dry form of the paste which you can reconstitute in a few minutes and use whatever amount you need. This has an indefinite shelf life. Sounds goods for those of us who only use paste once in a while. There are some other products for repairing torn or damaged artwork and some hingest for matting, that won’t damage your artwork over time. These products are worth looking into and will be available at Calligraphy West if there is a demand for them.