Signed. . .Not Bright Enough

Dear Arrighi,

I would like to photograph slides of my artwork but need some guidance as to what is the best way to do it. Should I take pictures outside? I’m always afraid of getting it dirty. Should I use a flash indoors?


Not Bright Enough

Dear Not Bright Enough,

I received some information from Gerald Brommer’s water color demonstration on “How to take the perfect slides every time”. There are too many variables with outside pictures. If you want to have consistent slides, use ectachrome 160 film (available at photo stores). Buy 2 silver reflector clamp lights from Home Depot or similar store (less expensive). But 2 “Kelvin 3200 bulbs from photo store, make sure they are 250 watts each (not 500 watts). Clamp the lights on the back of two chairs facing each other. These two items are “made for each other”. The colors will be true. This is what portrait studios use. No lighting should come from anywhere else (window light), just this controlled environment.

Put the lights 45 degrees from the painting. Put the painting on the floor and photograph it. You may use black matte board under your picture. 50mm lens, 125th of a second F stop.

I haven’t tried this myself but it sounds promising and may be a helpful place to start.