Signed . . .Platignum Less

Dear Arrighi,

I can no longer find cartridges for Platignum pens. Nor can I find any Platignum products. What has happened? Can you suggest a source?


Platignum Less

Dear Platignum Less,

I’ve checked with various art stores in West Los Angeles and they don’t carry Platignum products because there is little demand. Helen Gershen’s shop, Calligraphy West will order them and mail them out to you. She asked her distributor about the problem and they said there was a mix-up in stock numbers because the company was sold (or some such thing) but it seems that’s been ironed out and can be ordered now. Graph-Aids in Los Angeles on La Cienega will also order Platignum products for you. I guess if you want this brand you’ll have to special order it, but do check with the art stores in your area to see if they will order them. (See Calligraphy Suppliers)