Two new classes and workshop opportunities

Drawing and watercolor painting.

Beginning in the fall, I have a friend who is a fabulous painter and artist. He will be teaching a 10 week drawing and watercolor painting class. It will be on Friday mornings from 10-12:30 pm at my studio. His name is Yury Chudnovsky. I’ve been taking lessons with him and he was a co-teacher at my journaling class this summer. You can start the class with no experience or be an intermediate in drawing and watercolor painting and you’ll fit in. This time I’ll be the assistant teacher.  I would like you to contact me so I can see who is interested  in joining. The class will be $375 for 10 weeks 2.5 hours classes. It is $15 per hour. There is a maximum of 10 students so this is a really good deal and a wonderful opportunity to learn from this very experienced artist. You can look at his work at He has lived in Los Angeles for many years and does indoor and outdoor murals, canvases, watercolors. We are fortunate to have this opportunity. Contact Hurry space is limited!

Brush writing assignment in my class

Yury drawing on site

sketch of sidewalk action at Grand Central Market Downtown LA

Carmen Uriarte-Hawkins

Engraving Calligraphy onto glass, metal,wood and 3 dimensional objects. 
I have a friend who is an artist with an MFA from Otis who took the Engraving program with Ken Brown in Tennessee. She is certified in his program. She will be teaching a workshop and an ongoing class on how to engrave your calligraphy on glass and other materials including ceramics. She has many, many opportunities to engrave on wine, liquor, and perfume bottles at holiday time in major department stores and private parties. She would like to train a group of calligraphers so you can share in all the jobs that come her way. This are on going through out the year. We will have a demonstration of the technique in a free 2 hour workshop at my studio. Then we’ll set up a workshop to get people ready for Christmas work. If you’ve ever wanted to add another skill that you can make money with your calligraphy you should consider this. You will need a Dremel drill and a few paints but you will be able to see this at the demo. I’m asking you to contact Carmen or me to say you’d like to come to the demonstration and if you think you might like to join the workshop. Then we can schedule it according to the needs of the students. Carmen Uriarte-Hawkins art is at Contact Carmen at for any questions or to rsvp.

decorating with glass paint