Workshop with Eliza Schultz-Holliday

Eliza Schulte-Holliday

Flowers and Capitals with a broad edge brush
Wednesday, May 20, 2015 10 – 4:30 pm $90
DeAnn Singh’s Studio 4032 Marcasel Ave Los Angeles 90066 Read about Eliza and her work
Rare opportunity to study with Eliza Holliday. She is teaching in San Diego and will make this little diversion to Los Angeles. Send me an E-Mail to reserve your space and a check to confirm. Time is very short so please do it SOON! We are only taking 10 students so it’s a small intimate learning environment.
Material list

Edged Brush Supply List
Bond Practice Paper – at least 11×17 – sturdy paper with tooth that can take water
( just copier paper is best instead of art pad paper, which is usually too weak)
Optional; Graph Paper Pad – Blue Grid Practice Pad *
(the one from John Neal is no longer adequate – it needs to be very light in tint and have some tooth to it.)
Writing Kit- including favorite writing tools, slant board (if that’s what you are used to- you can also work flat with brush) ruling supplies, black felt tip, pencil, X-acto blade, eraser, quote book
1/2″ “Brights” flat brush (Winsor Newton 995 is good, Simply Simmons*, bring any flat brushes you have that are 1/4″ or over, don’t need to buy a specific brand, doesn’t need to be expensive, just hold a crisp edge when wet)
1/4″ “Brights” flat brush (Winsor Newton 995 is good, Simply Simmons is what I will bring)
a Good quality pointed brush for painting and outlining, nos 0, 1, and or 2.
(I use Escoda brushes, available from John Neal, the non sable Escoda’s are adequate, but not as pointed and crisp as the sable)
Gouache – Winsor&Newton is best. Have at least black and white (Jet black and Permanent white) with primaries: a red, a blue, a yellow (flame red, ultramarine blue, lemon yellow are good ones for mixing but bring what you have.)
Water Jar , Spray bottle, water dish  (fluted edges is good for holding brushes)
Mixing trays, including one round tray with small depressions in circle
Colored Pencils (bring what you already have, if you have no color pencils, buy several you like)
 At least one large sheet of black paper – Canson Mi Tientes is good and at least 2 sheets Arches text wove* (22×20) (one one full size sheet 22×40), for finished projects.
*will bring some to sell in class