Yury Chudnovsky Art Classes

January 12, Drawing and watercolor painting course in West Los Angeles area.
The Basics of Creating an Image: How to see the shapes and colors.

Course Summary:
This 5-week course of drawing and painting will teach beginner and intermediate level artists the principles behind creating images. The objective of this set of classes is to learn to see the shapes and colors; their relationships and connections. Yes, they, sometimes, love each other (at least don’t mind to hang out together), sometimes they hate each other, but they never indifferent and always connected to their surroundings.
The class draws upon classical methods of teaching developed in Russia for over two centuries, which combine Italian, French and German art schools methodology. The laws of composition and harmony are universal – if you know how to use them, you can work in any style, or even create your own.

Yury Chudnovsky has worked with interior designers, fashion designers, architects, real estate developers and private clientele to create artwork for residential and commercial properties, as well as graphic and industrial design. He believes that a solid foundation is essential while style is secondary – this has enabled him to work in a variety of different art genres, including Classical, Art Deco, Abstract, Impressionism and French Baroque. He’s also used these principles to design sports watches, furniture, certificates, stationary and leather applique for designer jackets.

 DeAnn Singh Studio in Mar Vista on Thursdays 10:30am-1:0pm, beginning January 12, 2017
 Limited to 8 students.
 $187.50 for 5 weeks; 2.5 hours class
 Contact ycfineart@gmail.com to enroll

DeAnn Singh
4032 Marcasel Ave
Los Angeles 90066
310 702 4042